11 agosto 2013

Comentário de um membro do IMWAC

We have a Pope that we could not have any influence upon being elected. We have to live with him and be Church. It does not depend on the Pope to bring about the changes that we log for. A Pope has a lot of power to modify certain things in the Church, which are important. But the sensus fidelium has a very important role to play as well. Don't we believe that the Holy Spirit is in all baptized, not only in the Pope?

It is symptomatic for the state of our institutional Church that we are in awe and admiration to witness a Pope who says and does things which are closer to what the Gospel reports about the historical Jesus: that he was simple and with the poor, and not a prince in a court where he had diplomatic relationships with all powerful in the world. Shouldn't this be the way a Pope, bishop or priest should be like Jesus, rather than having a male body?

To reform a bureaucratie is very difficult. It has a big inertia. I am rather happy that he wants to reform the Curia and has chosen a team to do so. But when I look at this team I am rathe sceptical. Cardinal Marz has done a lot of harm to church reform people here in Germany. He is a Prince of the Church and the fact that he was appointed by Ratzinger to the See of Munich is a sign that he can count on him. Pell from Australia played an obscure role as to sexual abuse cover up and scandal. Maradiaga from Honduras supported the Coup d'etat in his country. French reform Catholics fought against the Catholic university delivering a Dr. honoris causa to him. The Chilean Cardinal, who was in the central team (secretary) of those who managed Aparecida, somehow holds the responsability for the changes that were made to the official text voted for in Aparecida. (The bishops had voted for a version and it was changed on different important points after the vote, Ratzinger did not read this second version but signed it, so that it became the official one. Our friend Heichelbech from France has put on his blog together an impressive documentation about this matter). Etc.....

The booklets on "bioethics" that were distributed during WJD in Brazil are bad propaganda for anti-choice people and various of te facts resented are scientifically wrong.

All over the world ultra bishops continue to rule in very questionable ways. They are behave like prices and do not care that the Pope asks for a change.

This shows that the Pope cannot control what happens all over the globe. It is up to us to move on and build up a different church.

I am happy that he puts poverty and the dignity of the excluded in the first place.

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